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Squib River Informal Series 5th September 2021

Squib River Informal Series

Race 1

Sep 5 2021

**Until formal sporting activity is permitted PSC, will hold informal racing**

For our first Sunday back we had a good turnout of 4 Squibs. Great sunshine and gentle breeze would have made for ideal sailing, but the last element - the tide - was not cooperative. Llow water at 1100 would have entailed an early start and generally the wind fills in later.

We are learning all the time so rather than waste time and energy battling to cross the starting line we motored out to pass the shipyard where there is less tide and more wind. Vice Commodore Rama’s Lady VG, resplendent in a new multi-coloured design having launched the day before, was as expected the fastest by far. The other 3; Rear Commodore Jega introducing his son, Kumanan (recently returned from study in Japan) to sailing in Alice, Gavin and Yazid (probably the keenest in the fleet) in Ratatosch aka the Squirrel, and Commodore Jeremy with David and Charles in Jerry aka the Cat (his other boat Tom aka the Mouse!) were scrubbed by Emy without much effect but we could all sail.

While Lady VG disappeared into the distance, the Cat and the Squirrel enjoyed a great tacking duel which ended with the Squirrel parked on the north shore mud, an area well known for this. They claim to have been active in trying to get off, but we saw little sign of this. Anyway, on a rising tide they at least were certain to get off. The skipper of the Cat - having reached the river mouth and with Selat the turning mark a speck in the distance - decided a cold beer was preferable and turned for home. The intrepid Squirrel, perhaps fuelled by Norsk mythology, gallantly sailed on and, some time after Lady VG rounded Selat were rewarded with second place. Alice with Jega having advised he had a later appointment also retired.

Full marks for a deserved first place to Rama and Gerhard. Yes, their boat was clean, but they are sailing really well.

Before racing - as usual - everyone joined in the boat preparation. First putting Lady VG s mast up and then, after Charles had measured the correct position for Tom’s mast step and with Rahim having replaced the broken floor section, we together put Tom’s mast up.

One of the great joys of PSC is our messing about in boats. Our marina base lends itself well to this and all the boats being more or less the same helps. We meet Thursdays as well as Sundays.

Of course, the post racing discussions are great too. Nice cold beer… or two. After this, Vice Commodore Rama supervised taking Peter’s boat out of the water. She was first out because she had thin antifouling. The collection of barnacles and even muscles is a testament to the cleanliness of our water. The plan is to take all the boats for cleaning. Once we are organised we hope for 2 per week.

During lockdown Rahim has put new floors in Zomark (to be renamed Cabaret 7) and the club’s Second Wind. A little more TLC and we can launch her to give us a second club boat. Once everyone comes again, we can have probably 11 identical Squibs out sailing.

Jeremy Camps

Commodore and Acting Squib Class Captain


1 Lady VG Rama /Gerhard (1 point)

2 Ratatosh Gavin /Yasid (2 points)


Alice Jega/Kumanan (4 points)

Jerry Jeremy/Charles/David (4 points)

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