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•Peninsular Sailing Club, Selangor (PSC) was set up in 2016 by 4 senior member of Royal Selangor Yacht Club.

•An opportunity to do what we wanted with relative freedom, impossible in an established situation & many more as sailing oriented club.

•The objectives was and remains to provide/ introduce, inexpensive no frills sailing and racing for the people of different races, nationality, gender, open to all ages and finances. Those are the people have the same interests of want to sail, need to sail and learn to sail.

•The great advantages of starting afresh is the flexibility this gives us, the chance to scheme, dream and use the opportunities which arise ……….so much has evolved whether by luck or skill.

PSC Memberships

Getting local interest has been hard but we are now at 45 members and growing by the week, half are full members who must be boat owners paying a RM 1,000 entry fee  and are entitled to vote and others , non owners paying RM500.00, with an annual subscription currently RM1,000.00 for full and RM800.00 for associates,  word is getting around and we are getting enquiries on a continuing basis.

THE PSC Squib Fleet

Our Commodore Jeremy Camps former Sailing Secretary of RSYC came up with the idea of buying used National Squib 19 ft keelboats in the UK  and shipping them to Malaysia , they are inexpensive but complete with good sails including spinnakers and road trailers, they can accommodate 4 in complete safety and can be raced with 2, one design racing improves the breed and with each having an outboard engine even beginner can sail while the racers set out for the open sea 3 miles away and some nice rough water….

As envisaged this fleet  have proved a successful basis for the clubs sailing now 12, they race every Sunday afternoon highest turn out is 7 and 4 regularly  2 are available for use by members and others thinking of joining,  we also have monthly racing for our fleet of cruisers with longer races on Saturdays, being only 2 miles to the open seas it is ideal, Port Dickson is our favourite venue.

Introduce Dinghy Sailing

The next stage in the clubs development is to introduce dinghy sailing, for adults but particularly for children.

From his many years experience in UK the Commodore realises that to develop what PSC want to achieve in sailing in Malaysia we have to introduce youth sailing and that dinghies are essential for this , the problem is that with low entrance fees and no capital we could not afford the hardware.

Thanks to our Singapore member we were offered  a range of surplus dinghies in various conditions but took 8 Laser 2s and  10 Optimists, under Vice Commodore Rama guidance they were shipped to Pulau Indah and placed on racks fabricated by Rama.

Some Club Members provided sponsorship for complete restoration, and the laser 2s and Opi-s are ready for use, looking like new!

Another generous member Mr Jega, presented a rescue boat.

We are in the process of recruiting a qualified instructor.

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