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National Squib Class 3 rd Malaysian Championship 7, 8 and 9 June 2024

Organising Committee Chairman Jeremy Camps reports

Our Race Officer Simon James from Phuket arrived on Wednesday afternoon ,

he and his assistant Chandran were escorted to Peninsular Sailing Clubs sailing

location the Pulau Indah Marina on Thursday morning to set everything up , in

fact most equipment is untouched since last years championship , from the

time we got to the marine at 1100 till we left at 2,30 it never stopped raining …

we feared this was an omen ! Friday morning did have some rain but it stopped

as did the wind so our Race Officer held the participants back, we race without

our usual outboard engines which each boat has . mainly for estheric reasons ,

with the engines sticking out the back of the boats , but we have 2 engine

sizes yanmar and mariner with different weights , their main use is exiting and

reentering the marina

Under the Race officers guidance the committee boat Vice Commodore Jegas X

34 Leopad Dream was moored in its usual spot on the south shore and visible

from our marina club house, to reach it and the line competitors were faced

with a beat to windward against a strong tide which was challenging but in

the end all 9 entries made it to somewhere near the line for a sausage

windward /leeward course , Commodore Jeremy in his favorite Cabaret 7 x

Quantum from Weymouth with nice crinkley sails and a veteran of countless

starts against the tide at Burnham on Crouch was the only boat on the line but

it still took him 5 tacks to actually cross using a slight puff, narrowly passing

the stem of the committee boat he headed off to the shallower north shore

short tacking up the shore until he could go out with some hope of not being

swept past the leeward mark, the next boat was some 15 minutes behind , as

with most races there was much place changing in tough conditions ,

Cabaret 7 won by a considerable margin followed by Mandarin helmed by

experienced Irish skipper Jason crewed by Jackson, third was Ratatosch aka the

squirrel with a huge eski of booze skippered by Gavin in his Captain Pugwash

hat crewed by PSC Rear Commodore Yasid 4 th was Lady VG skippered by

RSYC Commodore Ramasamy Menon and crewed by wife VG 5 th Peach 2 with

Belgian Diplomat Peter and crewed by Jamaica from the Philippines 6 th

Second wind with Charles and Martin 7 th Emily newly arrived from UK with

skipper Evan and crew Wolfram from Germany 8 th Recaa helmed by daughter

Kesh one of PSC s top dinghy sailors and a surprising 9 th Kittiwich sailed by

Rainer from Germany with crew by Aileen

By the time the second race started the tide had lessened and it was a proper

race Cabaret 7 again won the start and led all the way ,2 nd was Emily , great

for the newly arrived boat, 3 rd Second Wind 4 th Ratatosch 5 th Kittiwich 6

th Recaa2 7 th Mandarin and 8 th Lady VG

It had been a tough day,

Saturday was the sort of sunny warm day those of us who live in Malaysia

expect , RSYC Commodore Rama had to attend RSYC s match racing program

and handed over Lady VG helm to PSC s sole Singapore representative Justin

with Emy as crew , the boat has a brand new suit of Lonton and Gray sails ,

with a level start some including Cabaret went left other including Lady VG

and Ratatosch went right which paid Cabaret was 5 th at the first mark of an

alternate sausage triangle sausage course but some smart spinnaker work by

Cab 7 s crew Emee had her challenging for second , for no good reason except

for great sailing wind Cabaret 7 decided to do another round letting Ratatosch

through to 2 nd but a well deserved victory for moonlighting skipper Justin

with Lady VG

Finishing order 1 st Lady VG 2 nd Rataosch 3 rd Cab 7 4 th Mandarin 5 th Second

Wind 6 th Recaa2 7 th Kittiwich 8 th Peach 2 sailed this time by Haro an

experienced helm from Holland crewed by Jamaica from the Philippines

Race 4 saw a continued battle between Lady VG and Cabaret with Ratosch in

close attendance , the rest of the fleet continued to fight amongst themselves

finishing order 1 st Cab 7 2 nd Lady VG 3 rd Ratatosch 4 th Mandarin 5 th

Kittiwich 6 th Second Wind 7 thPeach 2 8 th Recaa 2

Race 5 saw the usual battles all through the fleet , at the front Lady VG again

showed ability to be in right place at the right time finishing a comfortable

winner with 2 nd Cab 7 3 rd Ratatosch 4 th Mandarin 5 th Kittiwich 6

thSecond Wind 7 th Peach 2 8 th Recaa 2

Another great days sailing

and all to play for on the last day with Lady VG discarding a 9 th from day 1

Sunday dawned fine but soon some black clouds came over Pulau indah

causing all to run for the shelter of the club house veranda , the rain cleared

and decent breeze built up in a direction close to the previous day , the start

was delayed by a fishing boat with a 50m meter drifting net who we have

seen before crewed by a large and very vocal local lady , they insisted they

were drifting away from our line but as Simon had pointed out the tide was

ebbing still , eventually they were so close to Leopad Dream and in a torrent

of abuse took up their nets and set again below our leeward mark , Jeremy

failed to realise the first hooter for the race was 6 for postpone not 5 minutes

and made a fantastic start a minute early and having to return , most boats

were close to the line but all got away without incident against the first of the

flooding tide a group went left to the south shore , deeper water and others

including Lady VG and Ratatosch went right , Cab 7coming from the south

shore managed to get through on port and joined behind but more drama

saw a 5000 ton sand dedger came straight through the course scattering boats

left right and center ….. Cab7 followed by Mandarin managed to cross the

ships bows , which really paid as on tacking they could lay the windward mark

but still behind Lady VG and Ratatosch , Cab 7 under spinnaker sailed through

Ratatosch and managed to get along side and to windward of Lady VG and

with wind heading managed to maintain the place

Simon keeps marvellous records including the order at each mark ,on this a

desperate Cab 7 was 5 th at the leeward mark managing to round inside

Emily , this was the sausage so , easy to be swept away by the strengthening

tide then a gybe and a run to the finishing line ,

Finishing order 1 st Cab 7 2 nd Lady VG 3 rd Ratatosch 4 th Emily 5 th Peach

with the third combination of Belgian Peter and Dutch Harro 6 thKittiwich7 th

Mandarin 8 th Second Wind 9 th Recca2

For the 7 and final race Race Officer Simon set the longest course 2 sausage 2

tr mark iangles and a final rounding of the windward, really super sailing in a

strengthening breeze

Ratatosch led round the first mark but by the next round Cab7 was through to

win and seal the series , the established patern had Lady VG 2 nd Ratatosch 3

rd Mandarin 4 th Emily 5 th Kittiwich 6 th Second Wind 6 thSecond wind 7th

Peach 2 8 th and Recaa 2 9 th

The final order after 2 discards

1 st Caberet 7 780 5 points

2 nd Lady VG 621 8 points

3 rd Ratatosch 343 14 points

4 th Mandarin 464 18 points

5 th Second Wind 26 points

6 th Kittiwich 376 27 points

7 th Emily 691 28 points

8 th Peach 2 685 33 points

9 th Recca 2 292 35 points

It had been a marvellous series with so much enjoyment to participants

battling through out the fleet All the boats had been cleaned , Cab 7 and Lady

VG the last in but no one more than 3 weeks so usually no barnacles the first 2

had new or nearly new sails , the standard was much higher than in previous

years , a combination of upwind sailing against the tide had been the key ,

because of this course had been quite short the windward pin 0.4 of a mile

our thanks to Simon who can set such good courses with Chandran laying the

marks , our instructors Etah ( handling the flags ) Lan driving the committee

boat and the rescue boat kindly leant by MJ ( main job rescuing boats swept

up river by the tide on day 2 , Rahim who drove our green machine as the

mark laying boat , Patick acting as Pontoon Master it was fantastic watching

everyone rushing to stop boats coming at big speed with the tide , Rose for

manning the office and distributing the drinks , Vladimir and Benny for coming

back specially to provide such delicious bbq as a send off

We thank our sponsors VG OFFshore for their support which makes it all

possible but above all we thank the competitors for participating , sadly one

entrant could not take part due to injury and had 3 other boats which could

have been sailed ( out of our 18 boats )and hopefully will next year when RSYC

do not run an event on the same weekend

once again our Squibs performing superbly , not the ideal conditions with light

winds against a strong tide but every boat finished every race

In the end the Commodore and most experienced sailor at 80 was victorious ,

a very proud moment

Roll on 2025 !

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