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DAY 2 A brief report today, with a final wrap up after Day 3

At 12.30 the start time there was zero wind , Kittiwich bravely went out at was

swept up the river the tide and was retrieved by our 26 ft Macgregor Rescue


The Committee boat went out at 1400 and the first race started at 15.10 the

usual double sausage course but with the start boat on the south shore with

the windward mark 0.3 miles close to the Shipyard . Lady VG ( Rama /Justin )

made a great start rounding the first and mark second , The usual 3 Alice

(Muhamad Uzair Amin/Ahmad Hakimi ) first , Wombat ( Tom Rizal

Mahadi/Ahmad Faizal Assad ) third and Cabaret7 ( Khairulneeta M

Afendi/Muhammed Shafizzy) fourth , Sadly Lady VG dropped back in the PSC

pack into a great tussle between the PSC boats after many place changes

Zomark ( Sophie/ Doc Izham/Emy ) was4 th Kittiwich ( David/Rainer ) 5 th

Second Wind ( Charles /Martin )6 th Ratatosch( Gavin/Yasid ) 7 th Lady VG 8h

and Recaa 2 ( MJ /Kesh/ Rhish 9) th

The second race started at 16.20 with an interesting course comprising a

sausage and triangle sausage , the leading group was Alice / Caberet

7/Wombat followed by Lady VG as the leading PSC boat 4 th Zomark

5thSecond Wind 6 th Ratatosk 7th Kittiwich 8th sadly, Recaa lost her rudder

but was classified 9 th

Alice leads overall , the PSC fleet narrowly being led by Zomark with all to play

for on the third day,we are praying for wind !

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