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PSC One Fathom Bank Race 2/4/22

Cruiser race 1 One Fathom Bank


1 Blue Angel Skipper jeremy camps crew Rainer,Martin C, James, Heppi.


2VG Offshore Skipper Rama Menon crew Luke Robin , Yasid , Charles ,Aqasya

3 Leopad Dream Skipper Jega Mundiary , Kumanan, Agilan,Kugan Faizal

The three competitors set off from the marina with a fierce ebb tide but little

wind ,with nomore wind at the first markthe fleet motored on towards the

lighthouse with excellent visibility visible for miles

Around 10.30 the wind filled in with 7 knots , The Race officer called the boats

into a line and at off we went , reach towards the light house broad enough

for VG offshore and Leopad Dream to hoist spinnakers , Blue angel not least

because she goes faster on a close reach with low wind and on instructions

from navigator Martin kept high and were rewarded by being able to come up

to the light house , some excitement caused by picking up a sea anchor , when

eventually the crew were able to retrieve it it was a wooden weight with a

large piece of fishing net

Very nice sailing conditions if light wind

Blue Angel benefiting from having kept high rounded the light house well

ahead of the other boats who had to tack to round , the light house keeper

called where are you from answer Port Klang question where are you

headed answer Port Klang light house keeper

clearly confused replied EH !

difficult dead run back against the tide not Blue Angels strength but too far

ahead to be caught although VG Offshore with her massive spinnaker and

bringing the wind up caught up a little

The race officer conscious of not wanting to go into the river much less the

marina in the dark decided to finish the the race at the gate , just too far to the

finishing line , as usual the wind then got up and we had an enjoyable sail

towards the river , but we would not have made it in time

The ship a dredger as Martin found out, is a good marker of the river entrance

, flooding tide and lots of water to get us in

All boats came in not far apart as both VG and Leopad Dream motor much

faster than Blue Angel

Rose had arranged for Vladimar and Benny who do the catering at the marina

to produce some truly excellent nasi lemak , which with a few iced beers

created an excellent atmosphere for the usual post race banter

Next race with a course Round the Cans will be different , as it is not so far we

can start later the course provisionally will be Terusan or Tenteran to

starboard South Fairway to starboard and compass set mark up the coast

then back to Terusan ,if time permits we will do 2 rounds

Jeremy Camps

Race Officer

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