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Peninsular Sailing Club Selangor Academy (PSCA )are delighted  to announce  the launch of  their  training program for  members children who are part of our BERUANG Club

Peninsular Sailing Club Selangor Academy (PSCA )are delighted  to announce  the launch of  their  training program for  members children who are part of our BERUANG Club

Commodore Jeremy Camps advised   It has taken us nearly 4 years to locate the right teachers in(Hasslan) Lan and (Zanarita) Etah , highly experienced with an emphasis on safety ,fluent in Bahasa and English    they  have now  moved to Pulau Indah, they served for many years under the late ,great Capt Marty  crewing, training and organising from Admirals Cove in PD  

PSC and its Academy put great emphasis on safety , we are fortunate to sail the clean waters of Pulau Indah from a marina basis with an ideal  restricted area for beginners , we have requested Jabatan Laut  to lease the Cafeteria area so we have more recreational space , The VG container with its roof top observation deck has been dedicated to the Beruang Club , lots of safe  space for basketball and football

As ever PSC s driver is SAILING FOR ALL sharing  our love and passion for the sea

We are signing up participants for the inaugural course 


Our instructors advise as follows


Come Sail with Us! At PSCA Beruang we use Optimist Dinghies to offer our Junior sailors an opportunity to develop new skills, have a fantastic experience and develop the ultimate passion.

We  cater for children between the ages of 8 and 14 and classes are intentionally kept small to offer the maximum care and support to participating children. Parents can be involved and are welcomed but the idea is to develop a group 

We believe our Sailing experiences and programs can play a key role in helping kids enhance their physical abilities and mental acutivity, improvement in motor skills and coordination, self-confidence, independence, identity formation,focus, and pride through accomplishment as well as the experience of adventure, mobility, and freedom.

Enhancing self-efficacy from learning and mastery of new skills, exposing to nature (wind, water and ocean health, environment, plastic pollution, conservation), introduction to water safety and, comeraderie with other participants, experiencing pleasure and enjoying themselves together

.Our boss a dedicated sailing  racer  would add that the club wants to build a competitive  fleet able to compete with other fleets nationally and internationally

The club also Byte class  single handers available as our trainer learn the skills


There are two ways for your child to get started: Our preference is to join one of our  group classes so that all can play and learn together, but for a child less certain a private lessons or may increase their confidence and at least see if they are interested in the sport. This has to be in a bigger boat Opis are one person !

Our students will be encouraged to keep logs of their progress through the  3 stages. The instructors plan to  follow a teaching schedule that allows students to complete all topics required to pass each  stage. and will certify this in their personal log. The log can be used as proof of competency for each stage.

Each stage requires approximately 8 hours for successful completion.  Packages of 8 hours of training will coat RM 800  per person payable in advance


Certificates will be issued by the Club or our issuing Authority The  Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Registry which is recognised world wide

. Additional training hours  will be available  if needed

Students will be divided into groups with  a maximum of 8 students based on

their skill level (novice, intermediate, and racing) and progress.The plan is for  each group to  train separately but at the same time , leading to racing together

Children interested in participating in competitions are required to join the Beruang Club under the  Academy


We recognise that a commitment for a longer term is important both for students’ progress as well as better scheduling of training sessions. This is particularly important for students wishing to progress in competitive

There is a schedule for Beruang program , minimal  tide as the best sailing time  , and on each Sunday we  will have Squib racing as well for the parents to enjoy 

  Jeremy Camps




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