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PSC Nat Squib RACE REPORT Sunday 9th January

On arriving at PSC Marina via the dirt/cow track the Commodore was pleasantly surprised to find another much newer Range Rover and a motor cycle parked outside ,Jega and sons plus Martin C , soon to be joined by Swiss Peter on his motor bike

So PSC resumed racing now on a good ebb tide is great for a fast exit from the river but is not so good for mudlarking , getting off on a falling tide is not so easy it is a long time waiting for the tide to go down and the come up again , Alice got off to a great start in a nice stiff breeze and was ahead of Jerry crewed by Peter with the Commodore at the helm , with a good breeze 15 knots the combined weight would unusually be an advantage, then Alice went aground near the ships on the north bank …..and stayed there, it turned out that Rear Commodore Jega leapt overboard and pushed the boat off , with a falling tide there is not much time, Jerry though about going back but there is little anyone can do to help and the likely result is 2 beached Squibs rather than one , during this Jerry built up a commanding lead and with good wind rounded Selat and came home well in front , Jega recounted how he had managed to go aground on the south shore as well ! biggest drama of the day was when Jega realised he had his car keys in his pocket when he went swimming so they had had a good wash , fortunately he could start his car

Result ( practice Race )

1 Jerry 2 Alice


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