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After a great day for Commodore Jeremy and Rose spectating at close range

the RMSIR start organised by Andy on Eddys great little boat , so much more

interesting than watching from a distance on RSYC s gin palace, our thanks to

Andy and Eddy who went to a lot of trouble to launch and retrieve the boat

and to Rama who when we came alongside VG Offshore as Emy was clearing a

big lump of the boats prop handed the Commodore a cold beer !

Shades of things to come when we race to PD next year

4 intrepid participants turned out on another excellent day for sailing in the

unusual absence of Vice Commodore Rama in Lady VG competing in the

RMSIR Regatta , hopefully arrived in Pangkor Commodore Jeremy in his

trusted if battered Jerry , with new member Sameer as crew , Rear

Commodore Jega who has been sailing so well recently in Alice crewed by his

sons , a formidable team off shore once we get Leopad Dream his X 34

sorted , Gavin with James deputising for his regular stalwart Yasid away

sailing with Rama in an even more battered Ratatosk ( AKA the Squirrel ) and

Peter known as Swiss Peter to differentiate him from Germany Peter ( with

Astrid ) currently missing as indeed is Bosun Rainer in Germany even Gerhard

did not come , total desertion of our German contingent with new members

Phoebe and Drew in Quicksilver

An even start in light wind saw the fleet tack down the river , with cross tacking

and place changingbut Jerry led out of the river with Alice down wind and

going slightly faster . the Squirrel followed Jerry at a respectful distance , and

Quicksilver in the mix

One of the greatest challenge of PSC Squib racing is the tide , outside the river

in the open sea it is a combination of east west river tide and the Melaka

Straits North South tide , which we can see on the ships laid up in the Straits ,

Jerry convinced as usual we would be fighting to round Selat Buoy stood out

to sea on starboard , the ships incidentally were pointing north which is the

direction of the flood , the tide alhough weak had just changed and was

ebbing , Quicksilver and the Squirrel tacked following Alice . Rounding the

mark yet again Jega was right and led by miles , followed by Quicksilver the

Squirrel and a long way behind Jerry . Spinnaker up except Quicksilver who

had managed to pull the spinnaker halliard through the mast but is a well

known fan of goosewinging ( he won a race single handed doing this ) ( Peter

use the jib halliard next time !)

Again the tide played strange tricks it was definitely ebbing but Alice in the

middle did okay loosing a little but just too far ahead , Jerry well behind fancied

his chances on the south shore which had paid 3 weeks before for Alice , the

Squirrel showing great speed on the shalower north shore held off for a really

excellent 2 nd place with Jerry third and spinnaker less Quicksilver 4 th ,

Two things are notable with our racing, 1):provided the boats are equally

clean there is little difference in speed between these one design boats and 2)

regular racing has really improved the sailing standard , we have a number

who started with very little sailing experience and are now as fast as anyone

Racing was followed by the usual interesting post race debriefiwith all together

over a cold beer

We would so like some of the real racers from our noisy neighbours to enjoy

real sailing again

We are already planning our 2022 racing Program

JCC 10/12/21

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