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Squib Malaysian Nationals Day 2 Saturday

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Following heavy and that means torrential rain the 9 intrepid competitors with

Race Officer Simon , Regatta Director Jeremy and some 7 helpers led by

Simons long term assistant Chandran who led the buoy laying party gathered

on the usual Malaysian beautiful sunny but windless morning

Racing was due to start at 12.30 but Simon was left with little option but to

postpone , but anticipating wind moored in the same position as the previous

day on the south bank of the river , the wind what little there was coming as

the previous day from the north , the competitors sailing with out engines

emerged from the marina to sail against a ferocious towards the anchored

committee boat….

About 1400 some wind arrived and Simon got things underway with a simple

windward leeward sausage , the cross tide made for interesting sailing with

different groups and approaches , the first race was complex particular the first

beat and Mandarin sailed by Jason and John led from start to finish with

Haiku second and Jerry third It was clear many of the competitors had gained

in experience from the spinnaker less previous day and everyone had their

flying, a fine array with a great variety of colours and numbers , Jeremy who

ships the boats had acquired with one of the early container shipments from

Burnham a bunch of redundant spis, much in evidence

Immediately with a wind strength of 8 to 12 knots Simon set a more

interesting triangular course to give a close spinnaker reach and a run to the

leeward mark to provide entertainment to those on the committee boat

The second race was won by Haiku by a narrow margin from Jerry with

Mandarin third and Peach 4 th

The third race was a shortened version of the second and there was a tidal

advantages to those behind on the first beat and Lady VG sailed by our Vice

Commodore Rama and his wife VG appeared at the front and spinnaker less

just held off the charging Haiku and Mandarin ,we were not sure how but

great result , Mandarin was third and Quicksilver 4 th

Rama s support and enthusiasm has been so important to PSC and the Squibs

development so 2 firsts and greatly improved sailing which our weekly sailing

program has engendered what was a fitting reward..

Before the third race Ratatosk had retired with a broken main halliard and

Peach to the bar , a special mention for Charles in Second Wind who was first

over the starting line in race 3

Haiku which has been the best consistently sailed boat again emerged the

overall leader

It has as the organisers had intended been a learning curve for many , not easy

sailing and small mistakes in such close racing are mercilessly punished but

that’s the fun of one design racing

A number of visitors came to watch perhaps most notably Jacob owner of

Dash from Port Dickson advertising their next weekends Simpsons sponsored

regatta and newly elected RSYC Rear Commodore Martin Axe

So Fridays final races will decide our first Malaysian champion and he or she

will have earned it Race officer Simon is pessimistic about our planned longer

race which we need a favourable tide

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