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Squib Malaysian Nationals Day 1 Friday

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Under the unflappable organisation of Race Officer Simon James ( I have seen

it all before !) two races were held . In the end all 9 contests came to the line

on a windward /leeward courses across the river due to an unusual northerly

breeze, made interesting by a cross tide , Haiku 1 mastless an hour before

made it just in time ,

In the first race 2 rounds of windward / leeward the fleet were very line shy

but PSC Vice Commodore Rama built up a commanding lead and won by a

comfortable margin , behind on a complex beat there was lots of place

changing with Mandarin ( Jason Moriaty /John Kara finishing second ,) with

Ratatosk 3 rd

On the first downwind leg , we saw 2 spinnakers up but none set !

The Race Director unusually not participating realised there was a steep

learning curve for PSC sailors on a completely different type of course and

sailing to our usual out and back courses , even those experienced were

learning the dark art of Squib sailing

The breeze was rising and falling but the Race Officer Simon decided that the

already set course was okay and the second race course was a repeat of the

first , a somewhat messy start saw those starting at the committee boat up

tide end on starboard tack gain those on port struggled to cross Alicen/Luke in

Haiku 1 made a perfect start and sailed into the distance , clear and a long way

ahead under goosewinged jib she finished in good time ,

Behind there was lots of close racing which typifies Squib racing , easy boats to

sail but difficult to sail well

From the Committee boat parked just below the leeward mark we saw lots of

close tussels on the mark and the tidal situation meant those who headed up

too fast simply stopped

The overall results for day 1 showed Haiku 1 in front by one point and 3 boats

Mandarin , Lady VG and Ratatosk tied for second on points

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