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Second Malaysian Nat Squib Championship 3 .4 and 5 th June Day 1 Report

Second Malaysian Nat Squib Championship 3 .4 and 5 th June

Regatta Day 1 In the end out of 12 entered boats only 9 came to the line the

two who finished first and second in last years event Luke Robins in Haiku 1

and Jason Moriaty /John Kara in Mandarin were unable to compete ,Luke

because of family commitments and John due an accident when he slipped

jumping off Mandarin earlier in the week . Harro Koopmans of Peach 2 had

contracted covint

It was really no surprise that our elite invited crews although they had never

sailed Squibs before came through in difficult sailing conditions and at the end

of day 1 Muhamad Uzair Amin/Ahmad Hakimi from Malaysian SSL in Alice no

447 were first overall having won both races , second was Caberet 7 no sailed

by Khairulneeta M Afendi /Muhammed Syafizzy with a third and a second

tied on points with Tom Rizal Mahadi / Ahmad Faizal in Wombat no 509

First PSC boat in fourth position is David Long/Rainer Kloberg sailing Kittiwich


Racing started in a super wind of 12 knots from the south west but offset by a

very strong flooding tide . Race Officer Simon James set a sausage course for

both races , the starting line a perfect line to the mark due to the tide could

realistically be crossed on port , the majority of the fleet kept to the north

shore out of the tide before crossing the river to the mark on the other side

Normally PSC have little problem with the drifting fishing net but on this

occasion it was different , the first caught on a marina pile was blocking all by

a few feet of the marina entrance and in the absence of any fishermen was cut

, the second drifting on the tide entangled its self on the windward mark

Simon sent our mark laying boat to help and Chadran held the net , some got

round un affected others who got to close were caught up the net , the sight of

Ratatosch AKA The Squirrel trying to replace their rudder was great spectator


In the end all got round and came back to the leeward market on what was

more of a broad reach than a run , the 3 visiting boats were leading the way ,

the course a 2 round one sent the boats back up to the windward market

Wombat with Tom at the helm led of the line but were overtaken on the first

beat by Alice and they held on to finish first followed by Wombat and Cabaret

7 y was third , first PSC boat was Kittiwitch with a 4 th and a 6 th , The fleet

enjoyed great racing all the way down with many place changes

The second race on the same course but with windward mark further along the

shore , the start with boats much closer the line was from the committee

boat ….interesting …..all got away safely , some chose with less tide to tack out

but the leaders followed the same course up the north shore leader for the

first road and up to the windward mark was Cabaret 7 but she was

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