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Race Report Offshore series 1 race 3 Round the Cans

Peninsular Sailing Club Selangor

Race Report Offshore series 1 race 3 Round the Cans

Saturday 2 nd July

The usual 3 PSC boats VG Offshore ( skipper Rama , crew Gavin, Yasid and Emy

), Leopad Dream (skipper Jega, crew his two sons Kumanan and Agilan ) and

Blue Angel ( skipper Jeremy, crew Martin C , James, Charles ,Eppi and Michelle

sailing offshore for the first time ) were delighted to be joined by Jeff Harris

and his J92 S Nijinsky from RSYC ( crew Izhan brother Amir who together

sailed Jeremys Squib JERRY in the Malaysian National Champs to third place

and David Lee )

A strong breeze of 16 to 20 knots from the South West and large waves from

an ebbing tide ensured a lively start , Line starter Andy in his power boat was

unable to anchor or maintain station and wisely returned to port

With boats tearing around in all directions Race Officer Jeremy advised a new

line ,made up of a continuation of a line of the green navigation buoy Selat

with red Tengah which was open to misinterpretation but in the end all got

away safely

With big seas like these helming is not easy , the course with a beat to South

Fairway keeping Terusan to port was hard work for the crews , Nijinsky carried

a smaller jib and Blue Angel a reefed main , Nijinsky pointing far higher than

the rest established a good position to windward and after a difficult time for

all located and rounded South Fairway with a healthy lead over Blue Angel,

Leopad Dream and VG Offshore in that order ,it was a dead run down to the

Waypoint Mark , Blue Angel always a handful down wind hoisted her spinnaker

and was doing a maximum 8 knots but slightly to windward of the waypoint ,

she took the spinnaker down rather than gybe but even then sustained an

involuntary gybe wacking 2 of the crew , and adding to the misery of BA crew

Michelle sailing offshore for the first and suffering badly from seasickness

After rounding (???) the waypoint it was a very close reach to the bottom mark

Tengah , the wind had settled to 16 knots and as the tide lessened the sea

state moderated and conditions improved to allow great sailing

A tough beat back up to South Fairway a rather insignificant buoy for such sa

great name and the end of the port limits much caused by the tide was

followed by a more leisurely was followed by a pleasant but rapid broad reach

to the finish line , then for all a nice sail home with the tide and for those on

dry boats a nice cold beer

The results are as follows

1 Nijinsky Elapsed time 243 minutes corrected time 239 minutes

2 Blue Angel Elapsed time 291minutes corrected time 256 minutes = 17

minutes behind

3 Leopad Dream Elapsed time 307 minutes corrected time 279 minutes

4 VG offshore Elapsed time 320 minutes corrected time 307 minutes

Congratulations to Nijinsky worthy winners of a tough race with an interesting

triangle/sausage course , we all look forward to the next race together ,

probably to PD on Saturday 6 th August

AND FINALLY all our thanks to New RSYC Sailing Secretary Irsyad for raising

awareness and support for the regatta , we at PSC look forward to


Jeremy Camps

Race Officer /Commodore



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