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PULAU INDAH MARINE welcomed us back after 3 Sundays away in Langkawi,

with dark clouds and some initial wind

4 boats took part a ladies group comprising our Malaysian Navy Officer

member Nor Zuhaira and her friend Eddy and Nor also in the Navy sailing

jeremys Tom , Simon with a new sailor in Peach 2 , who took brothers David

and Alex Nair for their first sail in Jega s Alice with jeremy crewed as usual by

Eppy in Cabaret 7

Not long after the start with a reasonable breeze against the tide ( which had

not read the script and turned later than expected it started to rain and it

didn’t stop , best description is in sheets , at times it was impossible to see the

sides of the river, surpringly their was some real wind enough to force helms to

ease sheets in the gusts , Peach and Cab 6 had a a great battle out , each

having to give way once , and multiple place changes , Tom and Alice had

wisely retired and soaking wet returned to base

It did not seem sensible to go out to Selat buoy assuming we could find it and

the race officer noticed a large pole not far from the north shore which Cab 7

and Peach 2 rounded close together in that order

With less rain and wind Cab 6 hoisted her spinnaker and began to pull away

unti peach in turn hoisted hers and further out in the river with more current

and wind gradually caught up , at the first set of marina pillars Cab was still in

front but by the last Peach was well in front to score a great if wet victory

Another great experience to add to many at PSC

Not put off by their first sail David and Alex are joining the club

Before the rain we had a visit from Ain with her family who the Commodore

met on the MSA international measuring course , she is an unwillingly retired

Malaysian international sailor and has the ability and interest to become our

youth coach , there is a long way to go on this and we have had 2 false starts

but it does look promising , she met a number of our sailors as well as our staff

Patchik Eppy and Rahim

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