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PSC Squib River race Series 1 no 4 Sunday 27th February 2022

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

PSC were delighted with a 6 boat turnout and we had some great racing. Our 6 stalwarts were Lady VG making a welcome return with Rama and Lady VG herself as an excellent crew , Alice with Jegas sons led by Kumaran taking over from Dad, Ratatosk ( the squirrel ) with Gavin, Yasid and friend , Quicksilver with Peter crewed by his daughter, so nice to see Second Wind Sailed by Charles and friend Jen assisted by Martin C and finally Tom sailed by Jeremy with James 2 and sailing with PSC for the first time Emily Koo a member of the famous sailing Koo clan

With an adverse tide and little wind, the race officer led a motor procession down the river in search mostly of more wind and less tide as prevails off the shipyard

It is between difficult and impossible to set a proper line using cranes with boats being swept backwards but it was a relatively even start, not easy sailing with one large ship moored on the south shore, with big decision to go left or right port or starboard VG went south Tom north, lady VG went aground and generously indicated use of her engine to get off, this was not covered in the Commodores talk on the rules however for the record the local rule provides that the engine may be used to take the boat of the shore but must be switched off once free or a penalty will be incurred ( 360 Turn )

Tom went north and approached the second moored ship , crossed ahead and tacked on to port

On the long reach out to Selat Lady VG had incredible speed and rounded 200 meters ahead , spinnakers up and head for home, Tom took advantage if having Emily to helm allowing the commodore to indulge in his love of spinnaker trimming , gradually Tom clearly faster down wind caught up and between the first and the last pontoon overtook Lady Vg for a hard fought victory , behind the other boats were not far apart and there was lots of place changing, it is tribute to our developing sailing skill that all 6 boats managed a tough sail against the tide out to Selat Channel Buoy, those at the back were unfortunate enough to have the tide against on the way back as well

Favourable tide this weekend !!

Finishing order

1) Tom

2) Lady VG

3) Alice

4) Second Wind

5) Quicksilver

6) Ratatosk

Anyway a great days sailing and very nice having Emily visit us , she has other friends /contacts who may prefer sailing in our clean water

Jcc Race Officer


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