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A nice steady 10-15 knot wind was enough to offset a weakening flood tide.

Wind from north north-west gave a beat out of the river and to Selat

Navigation Buoy

From the start, Lady VG ( Rama/Emy ) and Peach 2 ( Simon/Harro ) took the

south shore and Cabaret 7( Jeremy /Heppi ) and Kittiwitch ( Rainer/ Drew) the

north shore, the north paid, although with the wind of it best not to get too

close, Kittiwitch, newly cleaned and launched, showed better speed and soon

crossed tacks ahead of Cabaret

Exiting the river with some exciting waves despite tide and wind in the same

direction Cabaret went out to sea while the others stayed inshore, which paid

handsomely with Kittiwitch rounding well ahead, Peach crossed just ahead of

Cabaret rounded and soon hoisted her spinnaker, Cabaret suffering the

seemingly inevitable halliard problems after dropping the mast during the

week to replace a broken shroud and eventually got the spinnaker halliard sorted

with the aid of the broom, only to find the spinnaker would only go to within 7 feet

of the full hoist ( it turned out the halliard had a knot in it ) but showing good

speed managed to keep ahead of a closely following Peach, some drama for

Cab 7, trying to escape Peach on her tail, tried cutting inside the dredger barge

and ran into the steel mooring line

The good wind gave us an interesting sail, but Kittiwitch was too far ahead for us to

catch up; she was newly cleaned and launched, which does seem to help but

you have to sail in the right direction, which Rainer did


1) Kitiwitch

2) Cab 7

3) Peach 2

4) Lady VG

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