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PSC SQUIB RACE REPORT SUNDAY 12 Feb 2023 Series 1 Race 1

PSC SQUIB RACE REPORT SUNDAY 12 Feb 2023 Series 1 Race 1

A fine turnout of 7 boats for the first race of the new series were greeted by

good wind and a favourable ebbtide

Competitors were Vice Commodore Rama in Lady VG with potential new

member Anthony and his youngest as crew both very welcome and we

understand will be sailing the boat in Ramas absence visiting Maldives , Yasid

with a friend as crew in Ratatosk ( the Squirrel ) MJ with his children as crew in

Tom which he has now purchased ( suppose THE CAT !) , Wolfram with crew

Audley in the beautifully decorated Jerry complete with mouse illustration (

the Mouse ), Charles sailing Alice with 2 friends as crew Rainer and treasurer

David in Kittiwich and Commodore Jeremy in Cabaret 7 with new member

Amirah as crew

Kittiwich and Cabaret some how broke away from the start and fought out a

duel on the beat out of the river with Kittiwich in front however on the reach

out to Selat Cabaret sailing more to windward came through to round

narrowly in front , the more experienced crew on Kittiwitch had their

spinnaker up first and passed Cabaret again , racing side by side up the river

eventually Cabaret on the inside pulled ahead to win by a short head , behind

some great duels were taking place , Jerry and Lady Vg with Lady Vg prevailing

in the end but Jerry who are relatively new to the fleet showed their potential

, there is a learning curve on the these easy to sail but not so easy to sail well

Squibs , the fascinating combination of boat speed and tactics Charles in Alice

was 5 th MJ I Tom another new comer 6 th and Yasid in the Squirrel 7 th ,

noticeably the Squirrel unscrubbed anto fouled like the others was slower ,

Getting the boats out due to our new breed of retrieval trailer designed by

Rainer and fabricated by Rama makes this much easier

Anyway a great start to the season which is going to be very competitive , we

are waiting for John and Jason in Mandarin and Peach with Simon and Harro in

particular to join the fun , the Commodore hopes to have club boat Second

Wind and his Wombat in within in 2 weeks

After racing an excellent barbeque was provided by Vladimir and Benny , really

good food at a reasonable price , we plan to have these regularly through the

season , enjoyed by 20 pax

Next up is our OUT OF AFRICA Thursday social on 23 rd February , the

Commodore will be trying to explain about tides , a mystery to sailors and non

sailors alike not just the tactics of river tidal sailing but safe berthing too , the

Squibs are very strongly built which is why they have lasted so long and

survived some learning but bashing them into the pontoon is not good , the

Commodore provides Patchik and Rahim to help slow the boats and things but

there is safety in this too ….


As the Commodore will be explaining at Thursdays meeting the way of tides is

that a good ebb outwards tide is followed the following weekend by a bad

incoming flood tide , We try to lessen the impact by starting later as there is

generally more wind . On this occasion we had a nice breeze for the start so

sailed out from the start , the alternative is to motor down the river where

there is less tide and generally more wind

We had a good turn out with 5 boats Vice Commodore Ramas Lady VG with

Anthony and his brother as crew, Rainer and David in Kittiwich MJ and his

family in their newly purchased Tom , Martin with new members David and

Alex in Jegas Alice and Commodore Jeremy in Cabaret 7 with new member

Peter as crew , lots of sailing experience but needing to learn the mysteries of

sailing on our river

Sadly Simon advised he will not be continuing to charter Dr Firdaus Peach 2 ,

subject to the owners agreement of course Harro will we be continuing with a

new partner

A part of the learning curve which does make our sailing more interesting

starting on an adverse you must be ON THE LINE AT THE START , Kittiwich

and Cabaret were and they were away and never caught , this beating against

a strengthing tide is tough sailing , it doesn’t make it less fun for the sailors but

it is depressing when on the following tack you land up opposite the same

riverbank tree !! Kittiwich and Cabaret had their usual tacking duel passing

each other multiple times but on this occasion Cabaret pulled ahead only to

sail into a hole on the north shore between the shipyard and the point ,

coming back together cabaret from being well ahead was bac with Kittiwich

who then sailed into the same hole leaving Cabaret to sail off for the usual

battle to get to and round Selat including a set to with a typical local ship

which ignored the channel markers and sailed straight across, our safety comes

from the big ships staying in the channel whilst we stay out , this cowboy

showed every intent of running us down , Anyway with some kinder tide

Cabaret rounded and set off for home, crew Peter who had never handled a

spinnaker did a good job in untangling the usual and seemingly inevitable mess

. It looked as if no one else would round and an agreement was reached to

take the positions as finishing , Kittiwich however found more favourable

conditions and managed to round, Lady VG and Tom were well out of the river

but but past 1600 from a 12,30 start makes for a very long race and

inadequate time for discussion over a cold beer/100 plus !

Finishing order 1 Cab 7 2 Kittiwitch 3 Lady VG 4 Tom 5 Alice

Finally to revert briefly to our report on the RLIR these are just opinions and

particularly taken out of context there is no intention of criticism of anyone ,

the regatta has best in our view the best race officer in Asia but not much he

or anyone else can do about a total lack of wind ,he did his best to get racing in

but no regatta can be a complete success without wind, we look forward to

competing again in 2023 hopefully with wind and also more boats with IRC

rating and to seeing Simon as Race Officer for the second Malaysian Squib

Nationals in the first week of June , everyone enjoyed it thanks to his great

sailing organisation , it adds a new dimension to racing

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