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PSC SQUIB CLASS RACE TO RSYC Saturday 27 th August return 28 th August

In the end, only 4 boats competed in this inaugural 2-day event, PSC invited

RSYC Rear Commodore Martin Axe and Sailing Secretary Irshad to participate

offering to provide boats, but sadly, neither was able to come

The four intrepid sailors were

RSYC and PSC Vice Commodore Rama crewed by wife VG sailing Lady VG

Rainer Kloberg with Martin as crew in Kittiwich

Yasid with Charles Vincent as crew in Ratastosk ( the Squirrel )

PSC Commodore Jeremy Camps with Eppi as crew in his new Cabaret7

With a slightly depressing 30to 40-knot wind forecast, we gathered on a nice

sunny Saturday morning with zero wind, slightly late, the fleet set off on the

ebb tide with a beat to windward, constant place changing all the way with

gusts coming gave great racing, but Cab 7 led the fleet out to our usual Selat


The course was navigation buoys Selat,Tail and Agas as the finishing line to

be followed by a short race to RSYC, so we arrived together

We were slightly late, and by the time we arrived at Selat, the tide was turning

and as usual, the wind died, in spite of trying Kittiwich and the Squirrel could

not make it, Jeremy had tried and failed each time being further from the

buoy wisely gave up and started the run-up past west port

Sadly this spoiled the race, but the objective of a long sail remained

The wind picked to give a great spinnaker run to Tail , Cab 7 out of sight of the

other boats rounded and reached up to Agas to finish a moral victory ( invalid

as we did not round Selat ) with the advent of rain all sailed up to RSYC where

Tom and the RSYC boat team had cleared a space on the inside pontoon , we

reached there shortly after 4.30 so 6 and half hours sailing , just sad about the

Selat hold up

At Vice Commodore Rama s invitation, we adjourned to the RSYC members' bar

where the PSC Commodore, parched with thirst, provides considerable

qualities of beer, sadly no RSYC sailors were there to join us

A special mention must go to our member and now RSYC Committee member

Andy, who launched his speed boat to check all was well with us, taking photos

of excellent quality, as usual, Our great appreciation Andy you are a Star!

The Commodore has every confidence in 4 competent crews, each with an

outboard motor correctly felt a support boat was unnecessary, but it was

comforting to see Andy

The following morning we met at RSYC to find our boats surrounded by rubbish

tons of it , clearly all efforts to prevent this in the 6 years since we left to set

up PSC have been in vain , so sad and making departure more complex

A great beat with the tide was followed by a rapid change in direction and with

the wind dying we motored slowly along past Westport

Then the wind got up, blowing at least 20 knots but typically right on the nose ,

forcing us to tack back and forth across the channel , as always we were careful

not to get in the way of any of the large ships entering and leaving the port ,

apparently some were warned by a police boat and they not knowing the

competence of our crews or having any sailing knowledge probably did not

appreciate the difficulties of tacking into a 2 knot plus tide , finally the tide

lessened, we could stop motor sailing, and we all made it out and round to our

own river enjoying a nice run to the clubhouse arriving safe and sound

Phoebe had organised a members' barbeque cooked by Vladimir and wife

Benny for members and the delicious aromas drifting downwind made this

irresistible to hungry sailor, great food well prepared, thanks Phoebe we look

forward to the next one and a fitting end to a great weekend

We know we can do this again, our great little boats proved up to a voyage

like this , we must start on time each time a 30-minute delay makes more of

adverse tides

It does illustrate the problem of inconsistent winds zero / 10 knots /zero/20

knots / RAIN !

Jeremy Camps

Commodore , PSC

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