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Our helper Rahim was away attending his daughter Nursyafika wedding to

Loman ,although later he brought the happy couple to introduce them and for

a photo shoot at the marina

Fortunately Emy was there to help and clean the bottoms of Miss VG and Jerry

( seemed more effective on lady VG ) Alice had been launched freshly

antifouled during the week and was launched on the Saturday

This week with a number of members away in UK , New Zealand amongst

others, it was a Flag Officers benefit Rear Commodore Jega with his son as

crew in Alice ,Vice Commodore Rama with Gerhard as crew and Commodore

Jeremy in Jerry with new members Phoebe and Drew doubling our USA

membership as crew (that’s the difference all three Flag Officers are boat

owners and active sailors )

In a light breeze around 8 knots but a favourable tide an even start saw Alice

on the north shore shoot away with Lady VG and Jerryj , after a tacking duel in

the river Alice well ahead went inshore Jerry went offshore but best in the

middle was Lady VG , the order round Selat was Alice with Lady VG not far

behind , Tom had really lost out and was far behind

On the spinnaker reach into the river Alice as usual took to the south shore and

Lady VG in spite of spinnaker problems caught up , Jerry also caught up but in

the end with a fearsome foul tide Alice hung on with Lady VG and Jerry


Tough sail and well done Jega

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