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Whether this is the Monsoon we are not too sure but the wind seems to have turned more southerly making our usual Selat Navigation Mark and home a reach both ways

Three starters but numbers made up by quality ! Peter with wife and daughter in , Rama crewed Jeremy and Michelle and Jega with friend as crew

Even start against the tide but with good breeze Lady VG kept low on the northern shore confident in a rising tide and gained on the other 2 who went high and higher , Lady Vg navigated by Jeremy went high to the Pintu Gedong mark not realising that the buoy they were aiming for was not Selat and they were nearly ready to round followed by Alice when they noticed Quicksilver rounding another buoy 2 miles down , this gave Alice and Lady VG a dead run down with an unpleasant sea

Quicksilver was miles ahead and maintained their position to the end followed by Lady VG and Alice

It would have been the ideal day to sail the greater distance to Pintu Gedong as Course 2 on the Notice of Race very nicely prepared by Sylvia



2 Lady VG

3 Alice


Excellent turnover for the race 6 boats , Peter with Michelle and guest Rainer in Quicksilver , Gavin and Yasid in Ratatosk , Jason and John in Mandarin , Jega proving single handed sailing is possible , Simon with Micheal Kee as crew in Peach 2 and Jeremy with Emily making a welcome return and Eppy originally in Jeremys new Cabaret 7 but on noticing a broken shroud at the cross trees changing to good old Tom , to find the outboard gear lever jammed , fortunately another spare

Good level start with Mandarin and Tom together , Ratatosch appersed out of nowhere and sailed past Tom , Alice on the shore , close inshore and very light on a falling tide gained considerably

Coming out of the river Mandarin Tom , Ratatosh and passed to windward of the moored ship converging on the Selat mark Mandarin was ahead followed by Alice and Ratatosk with Tom and Quicksilver some way back

Majot tachtical difference of opinion Tom went high seeking the leeser tide on the South shore but found a lack of wind Mandarin also but not so far Ratatosk and particularly Quicksilver stayed inshore on the north shore , less tide and steadier wind . Ratatosk overtook and narrowly held of Mandarin under spinnaker with Alice also with spinnaker but single handed finished third ahead of Quicksilver who was well ahead of a struggling Tom under spinnaker on the South bank , well behind but showing great perseverance Peach 2

Fast race and fascinating tactically ,


1 Ratatosk

2 Mandarin

3 Alice

4 Quicksilver

5 Tom

6 Peach 2

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