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PSC Nat Squib RACE REPORT Sunday 23rd January 2022

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Another glorious Sunny day greeted the sailors and a nice ebbtide first dram of the day was when we found that Peters Quicksilver had lost not just an inner stay but the forestay , how we did this when taking the mast down to reinstall the spinnaker halliard and uphaul remains a mystery , the Commodore with the assistance of daughter and overseas PSC member Katherine have ordered both in UK , we will have spares as well as we do with the main shrouds

No alternative but to jump ship ,fortunately, Jega was unable to sail had offered to lend Alice and she was rapidly rigged. 3 participants is a much better showing with Harro sailing Simons chartered Peach with his nephew as crew , Peter and daughter in Alice , Tom sailed by Jeremy crewed by Martin C whilst his Sunseeka is undergoing maintenance and Lady VG crewed or rather helmed by the lady herself crewed by Vice Commodore Rama , it was her first time sailing a Squib and to nobodys surprise she was very good , had Ratatosk usually a regular participant come it would have been 5 and Jega 6

There was insufficient wind at the line and the fleet motored down finding thanks to Martin C a line of a JCB on the shore and a single crane It was a dead beat always interesting with the tide , Tom started ahead but was soon crossed by Lady Vg , Tom went inshore and came out ahead again with other 2boats not far behind but able to keep up with the duellists, Places change again on the way out with Tom ahead but Lady VG is very quick close reaching and pulled a head but well down to leeward , Tom heading for the buoy but not high enough having to tack twice to round with inches to spare thanks to a puff

Lady VG rounded a 100meters behind but an early spinnaker hoist got her ahead again as Martin valiantly struggled with Toms , having advised it was the first time he had hoisted a spinnaker this considered he did really well and soon learned to trim it ……Lady VG crossed to the south shore whilst Tom clung to the shallower south shore and gradually pulled ahead to win , Peter in Alice was some way back and Harro in Peach further back

All agreed with a good breeze it had been a fantastic sail, the commodore after a great race with the Vice found his night out for Robbie Burns Birthday Haggis and bagpipers catching up with him ….

RESULT ( Practice Race )

1 Tom ( Jeremy )

2 Lady VG (Rama)

1 Alice ( Peter )

2 Peach ( Harro )

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