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PSC S are associate members of MSA and therefore entitled to attend their

meetings , usually all in Malay so pointless , this one however I considered

interesting as a topic and to meet some of those involved in sailing but more

particularly organising sailing events , apart from 5 from Selangor , Terenganu

Kelantan Negri Sembilan , Johor and Perak were represented

The instructor was a Mr Ajit Diaz from Chennai one of the top measurers in

Asia and a representative of World Sailing based in UK but the ruling authority

of all sailing , Olympics , America s Cup and all regattas which are sanctioned

by them , it’s a money making body , under this are the National Sailing

Authorities in this case for Malaysia the MSA

The organiser of this was Lawrence Yeow from PD who is involved in most of

the Malaysian sailing and has been for many years , his commitment and

dedication has in many ways kept Malaysian sailing going , He is a member of

PD Yacht Club ,it seems MSA have lost the long term sponsorship of KFC ,

sailing in general is funded by the various states sporting foundations

For members benefit ,as frankly although I have been racing internationally for

50 years I knew little of this…..the organisation for any REGATTA goes


CLUB > ( notice of race, appointing the race committee , appointing the Jury

/Protest Committee , appointing Technical Committee )

So at regatta level we have RACE COMMITTEE , JURY /PROTEST COMMITTEE ,

TECHNICAL COMMITTEE which is what the seminar was about . During or just

before the Technical committee are responsible for ensuring all the

participating boats have proper class certification and checking that parts are

compliant with this , this can be anything from certs on boats to checking that

buoyancy equipment is compliant ( ALL PLEASE NOTE LIFE JACKETS MUST BE

ISO COMPLIANT used to be called EN or AUS PTD , this is a sticker on the life

jacket 50 is enough for us , the rougher the possible conditions the higher the

number required ) and most complex that the sails are measured and

compliant , with the dinghies where the manufacturers are restricted the sails

are delivered measured , this means a stamp or even a fitting punched through

, even then for a championship the sails must be re measured ( I had always

understood sails shrunk but apparently they stretch , )

For the Squib sails we should really measure them , other things are black band

on mast a boom , the sail must not pass the inner edge not the outer edge as I

have always thought

I will leave the course papers in the Gym Room at Pulau Indah for anyone

interested to look at but I have copied the part about the life jackets/buoyancy


For the practical part of the course we all went to the Selangor Sailing Center

at Morib ( and if Pulau Indah is remote this is far worse,2 hours from KL) a wide

and gentle ramp onto the beach , it was the Selangor State Regatta but

attended by boats from Singapore and Indonesiaas well , classes were Opis (

inc RSYC s ) Lasers 4.7 and full rig plus 420 s total 160 boats !

Mostly but not entirely Malay , children with parents

The second purpose of my attendance was to meet the representatives of

various states , the 4 ladies from Selangor were for us the most interesting in

trying to establish our junior section , unlike RSYC we are a sailing club and can

fit a junior section into our club , Whether anything will come of this is far

from certain but one lady who has represented Malaysia internationally Puan

Nurul Ain has now agreed to come and see what we have ,

I just feel we have so much to offer

Jeremy Camps




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