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BREAKING NEWS Commodore Jeremy Camps advises much activity to report

Firstly the club tractor revival , our I suppose classic Fordson tractor acquired

by President Amir some years ago has been undergoing a restoration , under

Member Sameer and his Sri Lanjkan tractor boys team , great to hear the old

girl chugging around the hardstand , not finished yet but will be used for

launching and retrieving Squibs, cheaper and easier

Next Karen who has kindly taken on the role of coordinator of our dinghy

/youth initiative has put together a complete list of the OPTIMIST parts with

location to enable us to find and assemble hopefully the 10 boats Rainer who

has constructed 3 Opi trolleys had done the same for the 8 LASER 2 s again

with presumed location , the idea is to have working day a Saturday DATE TO

BE ADVISED to take everything out of the storage container and sort, the

boats were at one stage complete , once we have done this we can start

sailing The club has a scruffy but operational Topper dinghy available for use ,

As advised above we are putting together a program starting with a work day ,

a Saturday date to be advised,

amonst our new members is Lucy daughter of Adrian and Alison Espinosa Diaz

, she is an accomplished Opi sailor who represented Tanzania internationally ,

we hope this will be the spark which lights our junior program

The club has a broad plan to develop this part of sailing appealing to a younger

generation our new member Richard has indicated his interest

Our Squib sailing is developing too , following the successful second Malaysian

Championship held in June with international Race Officer Simon james

managing the racing our invited Malaysian international SEA games / Olympic

sailors Neeta and Tom occupied the first three places , last years champs and

runners up were unable to compete , the first PSC boat and winner of our new

trophy was Sophie Av Rahmen a newcomer to Squib sailing crewed by our old

friend and top class sailor Dr Izham in Zomark , no less than 5 different

boats won races

Zomark has now been purchased by new member Adrian Espinosa Diaz and his

family , we will soon be thinking of importing 2 more to make 16 boats , the

class has plans for wider racing in the coming year team racing for example ,

great little boats easy to sail but not so easy to sail well

As per our Racing Program on Thursday 28 th August PSC will be having our

OUT OF AFRICA Gathering , guest speaker will be our Honary Member Round

the World Yachtsman Fabian Fernandez will be speaking he has chosen as his


This is a unique opportunity to hear and see Fabians full story

And finally the commodores new PA Lakshika has revised the club brochure as

attached , we need more members to create more cash to enable us to expand

, we need all to help with this , we will have an open weekend for you all to

bring your friends , Yasid who produces fantastic films has kindly agred to help

with a club video

Jeremy Camps


Peninsular Sailing Club Selangor

The commodore will be using his PSC email the

usual is okay

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